Heal from the Inside Out Series #8: Weed Out Anger

Timika S Chambers, Writer/Coach
2 min readMay 3, 2024

Hi there!

As you know, anger is a powerful emotion that plays a role in killing, stealing, and destroying. Like a domino effect, anger can capture people and have them ruin everything they have, including their health.

No amount of external agents (e.g., alcohol, drugs, exercise, food, etc.) eliminates anger weeds within us. We must do the work of re-planting love seeds and weeding out anger consistently, as many experiences can make us vulnerable to uncontrolled anger and, eventually, rage.

But within us is the ability to master our emotions and feelings. Within us is the power to see experiences as they are and the hearts of people. Projected pain is another’s choice in coping with their wounds. We don’t have to become their pain; we choose how we want to be.

Listen to more of my conversation about anger in this week’s episode, Heal from the Inside Out Series #8: Weeding Out Anger, on Create a Generational Love Cycle, and let me know your thoughts.