Heal from the Inside Out Series #9: Dismantle Fear

Timika S Chambers, Writer/Coach
2 min readMay 17, 2024

Hi there!

I hope all is well with you! Fear is another powerful emotion that can take over your life if you allow it.

If you are fearful of something,


  1. Where did I get this fearful energy from?" and
  2. How is it serving me?

Then, your goal is to replant the truth. Your spirit is not made of fear. You are the master of your state of being. You are powerful beyond measure.

When you ask open-ended questions, you become an observer of that experience. You disengage from the experience and give yourself enough space to see it for what it is. Our purpose is not to align with our experience but to express the truth within us. You don't have to be conquered by fear or any other emotion.

We didn't come here with a spirit of fear. We allowed the seeds to implant in our fertile ground, and the sprouts continued growing over the years, attracting more fear (fear attracts itself).

You've heard of Nick Vujicic's interpretation of fear as false evidence. Fear is an illusion, a perception of an experience, and within us is the power to change that perception and no longer allow fear to direct our paths.