How Do We Make The Most of Our Eyes?

Timika S Chambers, The Lioness
3 min readJul 8, 2021

July is healthy vision month. Although I will spend time discussing our wonderful eyes this month and what you can do to keep them healthy, I will also discuss other aspects of the camera we use to see the world. Many things other than environmental particles can cloud our vision. Lingering emotions and feelings such as anger, anxiety, grudges, guilt, hatred, disappointments, resentment, and vengeance can muddy up our internal lenses. But, compassion, grace, inner peace, joy, love, mercy, and alignment with Truth can cleanse our lenses and help us focus on what really matters.

Your Eyes: The Internal Camera

Although the process we see is a bit more complicated, I will summarize how vision works here. First, light travels through several layers of our eyes (cornea, the watery substance of the eye called the aqueous solution, pupil, lens, and retina). In the retina, light is transformed into an electrical signal, and this signal is carried to the brain via the optic nerve for interpretation. Anything blocking the highways of blood vessels and nerves can definitely interfere with the transmission of information. In addition, eye muscles, the function of the brain and eyes, tears, and specialized cells play a role in the process of vision. Finally, diagnoses such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), and high blood pressure can make it hard for our camera to work well and for our brain to interpret the information.

But, remember, many of our physical conditions stem from some stress from within the body, including psychological disruption. So, whenever possible, we want to address the root of a condition instead of skimming the surface because the eyes are more than just an organ of the body. They are more than just their color or shape; our eyes are the body's lamp (Matthew 6:22) and the opening for Truth, which is Light.

The eyes are a big deal because approximately 80% of what we process comes through our eyes. So what kind of questions can we ask to promote healthy vision from the inside out? The more open-ended our questions are, the more likely we are to avail ourselves of the Truth. So here are five…

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