Remembering You Who Are Series #14: Put Residual Emotions & Feelings in their Rightful Place.

Timika S Chambers, Writer/Coach
2 min readSep 15, 2023

Hi there!

We treat ourselves and others based on what we believe about ourselves, not what we believe about them, because if our belief about ourselves is right, then our thoughts about others are right. If we believe that our Creator made all of us in its image, then acceptance, love, forgiveness, and the like become more and more how we express ourselves. We don’t allow our emotions and feelings to control us, for we know they can’t control us. Instead of pulling others down or interfering with their life work, we help them. Instead of yelling at someone because they didn’t make the best choice, we have compassion. Instead of judging people based on their cultural, social, and physical characteristics, we take delight because our Creator is all those things and more. When our thoughts about our image are right, our actions align with the Character that made us. We don’t identify with unstable terminology because we are blown to and fro when the storms come.

We are more than human beings; we are spiritual entities. When we see our truth, we see others’ truth. Check out Remember Who You Are Series #14: Put Your Emotions and Feelings in their Rightful Place on Create A Generational Love Cycle.