The Seeds We Plant Series #21: Commitment

Hi there!

What does commitment mean to you? What are you committed to (e.g., love, acceptance, truth, understanding or fear, rejection, illusions, judgment, and others)? How are you showing your commitment to yourself and others?

The world has so many distractions, and it’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing. All of us are here for divine reasons, and we must start with the understanding that our lives serve as a commitment to love. Let’s commit to:

  1. Using our voice for good, edifying others, advocating, and supporting each other. We address people respectfully. We tame our tongues and look for healthy ways to express our emotions and feelings.
  2. Using our bodies for good. The human body is the vehicle through which we serve. We respect our bodies and do not impose ourselves on others. We don’t use them as a weapon for us or against others. We don’t use our bodies to cover up insecurities.
  3. Using our minds for good. We think healthy thoughts of healing and oneness. We focus our minds on doing the work we are here to do.

The seeds we plant become the harvest that feeds us and surrounds us. How can you use commitment for good and create a generational love cycle?

Listen to The Seeds We Plant Series #21: Commitment on Create a Generational Love Cycle and let me know your thoughts.

As always, make this lifetime great because you still can!


Timika S Chambers, The Lioness

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