Your Birthrights

Timika S Chambers, The Lioness
2 min readJun 29, 2021

On occasion, I’ve seen Cam scan future readings after our daily devotion. Today, he asked me the definition of a word not in today’s reading. He asked, “what does birthright mean.” After confirming the word he was asking about, I replied, “something that is automatically yours.” Next, in a mumbled voice, he asked, “what else is my birthright?” As my mind searched for more answers, I said joy, knowledge, and wisdom. Then, I added free from anger (long-suffering anger).

I felt clarity and excitement rising within me because I knew God brought on the conversation. Several years ago, I wrote a post about how thankful I was for the opportunity to raise a boy into a respectful, God-loving man.

(side note: I just thought about how God provides win-win experiences. Not only am I using today’s breakfast and devotion conversation to post my daily notes on life, but I was reminded of the wonderful opportunity I have to raise a son who honors and respects life).

There was a point in my life when I was afraid to have children because of all the violence I kept hearing and seeing in the world, but then I exchanged fear for courage. I know what it’s like to feel disrespected, so I hungered for the chance to deposit something in the world, making it a better place. Yet, I aim to parent with balance, letting our children exercise their free will.

So, what is your birthright? I can think of seven right now.

  1. You have the right to live your life unopposed by others.
  2. You have the right to voice your concerns, fears, hurts, and others.
  3. You have the right to protect your body from unwanted touches.
  4. You have the right to your personal space.
  5. You have the right to privacy.
  6. You have the right to compassion, forgiveness, grace, joy, love, mercy, peace, purpose, truth, and understanding, all freeing virtues.
  7. You have the right to do what you love.
  8. You have the right to have the family you want.

What are your birthrights?

Thanks for reading!


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